Mold Removal

Mold Removal

If you live in a place where there is too much humidity, then you are probably already acquainted with mold. Molds are highly frustrating. The worst thing is they not only damage the construction but also spread fast. This means, unless you act quickly at least within 3 days, you may end up having a home full of fungus.

When the problem of mold goes out of hand, the entire surrounding air feels polluted. Unfortunately, the chances of catching a disease also increase thanks to the presence of allergens and irritants. Some of the most common mold-related symptoms include itchy red eyes, constant coughing and sneezing, drowsiness, headaches, and breathing troubles. If you are overly sensitive to allergies, symptoms can get very severe as well. We have heard cases where individuals suffered asthma attacks and long-lasting lung damage.

See we do not want to scare you with all this information. Our main motive is to create awareness. So, if you are noticing the occurrence of mold around you, it’s better to take action fast.

How Always Dry can help you in mold removal?

In order to get rid of mold once and for all, proper inspection of the property is very important. Unless you know the root cause the chances of mold coming back will always be high. That is why, Always Dry believes in thorough assessment, before diving into the actual labor.

We often take the help of other efficient inspection companies to guide the customers throughout the entire process. A proper history of the property is chalked out so that the remediation plan suits your needs aptly. We ensure proper protocol is maintained to facilitate a safe working and living environment both for the occupants and our workers.

The processes we undertake

  1. Inspection- As mentioned earlier, we take good care to detect mold. At times, mold is not very easily visible, but our latest technologies are highly efficient. They spot mold and even locate the sources of water leakage which might be causing the mold in the first place really fast. We do not start the remediation unless the root problem is completely gotten rid of.
  2. Clean the space- Once the removal of mold is done, we get the cleaning done properly. The entire affected area is sanitized to make it habitable. We also use good fragrances to get rid of the damp smell.
  3. Restore the space- In case of severe mold contamination, we also go the extra way by removing floors, drywalls, etc. The repairing, installation, and painting work is done as per the requirements.

Some of the quality equipment we use during mold removal include:

  • HEPA Vacuum – This helps clean all types of particulates.
  • Air scrubbers – This four-stage filtration equipment is used to contain mold containment that may be airborne.
  • Dehumidifiers – This inhibits further mold growth by drying out the entire space perfectly.
  • Kett Saw – It helps cut drywall with minimal spread of dirt, dust, and mold particles.
  • Thick bags (around 6 mils)- We store mold contaminants in thick bags to avoid leakage.

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