Water Damage

Water Damage

Excessive rains, marshy lands, poor drainage and many more can lead to water damage in your home. Even a few inches of water can cause havoc let alone complete water logging. Too much exposure to water can destroy your space and completely ruin the structure within a few days. So, you must find a quick solution to allow the water to flow outside. In fact, stagnant water anywhere near your property is enough to lead to cracks and the hazardous problem of molds, so proper drainage is an important requirement.

Constant exposure to water will also make you vulnerable to several deadly chemicals and toxins which may even get life-threatening. Severe headaches, nausea, skin infections, respiratory issues, and allergies are quite common in such situations. You may even have a fever that lasts up to several days.

How Always Dry can help you with water damage?

Recovering from the messes after a water leakage can be tough. While floods and storms rank high in causing water damage, simple things like the malfunctioning of your sprinkler, broken water pipes, unrepaired appliances, and clogged sewage lines can also lead to huge restoration work.

There are so many areas to consider starting from sealing cracks to cleaning the accumulated dirt that taking professional help and guidance is the best way to deal with the situation. We, at Always Dry aid in both residential and commercial water damage and even take care of the post-repairing cleaning up process.

The procedure we undertake:

  1. Damage assessment and inspection- As with every other case, identifying the main source of the problem is also necessary here. So, we inspect your entire residential or commercial spaces thoroughly. Our team is very efficient and always prepares a proper plan of action depending on the gravity of the case.
  2. Getting rid of the water- Once the source is spotted, we start with the water removal process. We use powerful machines like advanced pumps and vacuums to eliminate water from your space. Our equipment can tackle massive gallons of water as well, so don’t worry if your home is fully flooded. We will see to it that every drop is removed.
  3. Drying and dehumidification- After the water is removed, drying the entire building is important. This is because porous materials can retain water and lead to weakened structures and mold over the course of time. So, we use good dehumidification equipment to dry the property.

Typically, there are three main dehumidifiers types that we use depending on the need of the hour:

    • Refrigerant – They are used when the humidity is 40% or above.
    • LGR – They are used when refrigerants are no longer effective.
    • Desiccant – They are useful when there is low humidity and also in cooler temperatures.

4. Cleaning- Water clogging leads to a lot of dirt, so sanitization is mandatory to prevent the spread of germs and toxins. We clean up every nook and corner including clothing, furniture, and all other contaminated items.

5. Restoration- From repairing minor damages to big replacements, we restore your space just like it was before the damage happened.

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