Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage

Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage

Needless, to say, a home or an office that has caught fire is an emergency case. Unfortunately, many a time people fail to realize the seriousness unless they spot heavy fumes or smoke. But by that time, often the damage becomes severe. This is why we always request our clients to react even with the smallest hint of smoke or burnt smell. We all know how hazardous fire and smoke can be for human health. So, there is no point in waiting. Give us a call and we will be there to help you at our earliest.

How can Always Dry help you in fire, soot, and smoke damage?

Fires are totally unpredictable. From faulty wires and unextinguished cigarette butts to electrical shortages, the causes of catching fire can be infinite. The entire event of putting off the fire to cleaning the ashes and other remains is time confusing. However, it is the restoration process that is most demanding. A fire emergency is always stressful but we deal with the situation with a lot of care because we truly feel the emotions of the owners.

Steps we undertake to help recover from fire damage

  1. Inspection and assessment- Soon after we get the information, our specialist rush to the spot. And, the very first thing they do is inspect the entire perimeter. The extent of damage is crucial to determine the following course of action. We usually start dealing with the source of the fire to limit further damage.
  2. Secure the building- Once we identify the cause, securing the entire foundation becomes our next priority. Our staff covers up broken windows, fixes damaged roofs with tarps and secures loosened areas. We also remove severely charred and unusable materials from the area.
  3. Remove water if needed- Every building on fire has different repercussions. At times, fire leads to severe water leakage. So, if such a case occurs we get rid of the water using our pumps and vacuum and also dry the space with dehumidifiers.
  4. Getting rid of smoke and soot- Always Dry experts are properly trained to eliminate smoke and soot from all the surfaces of the building. We leave no area behind from ceilings to fans to floors or to the remotest corners. Since the remains are life-threatening and can cause severe health concerns, we deal with them as quickly as possible. We also try to keep it hassle-free for our clients.
  5. Cleaning and sanitization – We take care of proper sanitization techniques while cleaning every fire remains. Updated equipment like air scrubbers and fogging techniques are used to mask and remove the strong burnt odor.
  6. Restoration- The restoration time depends on the severity of the damage. But, we try to quicken it to the best of our ability.

It is worth mentioning that we maintain caution throughout the process. Our workers also wear masks and gloves while doing all the damage repair work.

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